“Catatonic” by Einar Baldvin “Catatonic” by Einar Baldvin

“Catatonic” by Einar Baldvin

Einar Baldvin created Catatonic as his thesis film for the CalArts Experimental Animation program. The film combines hand-drawn cut-outs with pastel chalks, animated by hand and in After Effects. The real attraction in the film is the daring cut-out animation style, especially the violently spastic reaction of the kid towards the end.

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  • nin

    So the moral of the story is…?

    • Freud is a creep?=p
      I remember seeing this at Calarts a couple years ago. The animation is so wonderfully squirm-inducing.

  • Vincent Alexander

    AWESOME animation! I wish a movie or a TV show would be produced with this look.

  • gingersoll

    Oooh I knew someone was going to use this Bartok piece in a dark animation like this some day, great choice!
    Also, the jittering camera effect usually comes out terrible, but here it works. I think the predominately dark frame edges help that, but it also fits the material.

  • troy reyes

    reminded me of that german movie, the tin drum, currently available on criterion.

  • This guy’s weird, man.

  • Sigrún Sigríðardóttir

    Fantastic !