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CBeebies Shorts by Matthias Hoegg

CBeebies by Matthias Hoegg

Matthias Hoegg, whose graduation short Thursday appeared on the Brew recently, just completed two delightful mini-shorts — “Ollie” and “George” — for CBeebies, the BBC’s channel for preschoolers.

A few details on the production from Matthias:

We had 3-4 weeks for each of them and were working with a small team (in fact just myself for most of it) in the London based studio Beakus. The production process was all-digital using After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and a tiny bit of Maya.

Cbeebies provided us with the edited voice recordings of the kids and gave me pretty much free reign over how I interpreted their narrative. They were really a perfect client and got on board with my direction from an early stage. Working for preschool kids meant an emphasis on characterisation and bold, colourful designs, which were definitely part-inspired by Mary Blair. I wanted to create the impression of discovering the world with child’s eyes and frame everything from a low angle, so you’re in with the flowers and rabbits.

Full credits after the jump:

Directed, Designed by Matthias Hoegg
Animated by Matthias Hoegg and Ian Sargent
Additional 3D Animation by Leo Bridle
Produced by Beakus
Producer: Steve Smith (Beakus)
Production Manager: Eleni O’Keeffe

Directed, Designed and Animated by Matthias Hoegg
Additional Animation by Leo Bridle
Produced by Beakus
Producer: Steve Smith (Beakus)
Production Manager: Eleni O’Keeffe

  • CC

    Adorable! I love animations based on voice recordings like these.

  • http://www.stringstornasunder.blogspot.com Chris Powell

    These are incredibly wonderful. Like Candy for the Eyes. Great voice recordings too :)

  • http://na Luke

    Really lovely, had a smile on my face the whole time while watching!
    The chicks hatching scene was particularly great.

  • Dave Thomas

    Delightful. More please!

  • http://www.arielvillaverde.com Ariel

    Simply beautiful…..

    It’s quite astonishing how such nice animation/design get’s very little comments and compliments compared to posts like the “Looney Tunes TV Promo”.