<em>Chicago For a Few Days</em> by Ray Ray Mitrano <em>Chicago For a Few Days</em> by Ray Ray Mitrano

Chicago For a Few Days by Ray Ray Mitrano

I’m currently visiting Chicago for a few days so it seems appropriate to share the animated short Chicago For A Few Days by Brooklyn-based artist Ray Ray Mitrano. The film, which documents Mitrano’s train trip to Chicago, was made by arranging paper and found objects onto a scanner bed. It’s an unconventional piece of animation and the narration helps make it truly special.

  • tim!

    whoa!!! Chicago!!!! i live there/here!
    possible CB meet up? need to find anything rad to do or eat, feel free to ask, its a good town to be stuck in for a few days!

    have a great trip Amid!

  • Kristine

    I live in chicago too…we’re having cruddy weather tho. Lots of snow. Icesheet today. Good luck Amid!