“Childhood of a Circle” by Kadavre Exquis “Childhood of a Circle” by Kadavre Exquis

“Childhood of a Circle” by Kadavre Exquis

Not too sure about the animation and story, but this guy is a helluva background stylist. Childhood Of A Circle is directed and animated by Kadavre Exquis (aka François Grumelin-Sohn) a french graphic designer and musician living in the Netherlands, whom we’ve featured here before.

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  • The Gee

    I agree with everything you wrote about this. Though, I will add that the sound is great, in general. I like the choices made there.

    I do wonder if the main character needed to be what it is. Perhaps the animation could have been better if something/one else filled that role. But, why quibble, right?

    (aw crap!

    I did what I don’t normally do and clicked to the previous film of his you posted. I was the only one to comment on that one, too. And, I did so for the same damn reason because no one else had.

    Lame on me.

    Though, I *did* finally watch that one. I don’t know WTF it was about. sigh. I should mention that you can definitely see how he is a really good graphic designer. These two films don’t entirely show that though. Maybe he’ll come up with a story that maximizes all his strengths. Then he’ll kick out the Awesome. If he reads this, I say, listen to some Mogwai and Boards of Canada, map out your world.)

  • Not enough love for this one?
    I personally liked it a lot.

  • Thought this was great. Kept me guessing and it was pretty.