“Cliché!” by Cedric Villain “Cliché!” by Cedric Villain

“Cliché!” by Cedric Villain

A follow-up to his film My Chinese, Cedric Villain‘s Cliché! pokes fun of stereotypes about French people. The pacing is a bit too slow for my tastes, but the compensation is a lot of funny well-presented gags throughout. It’s designed in Illustrator, animated in Flash, and composited in After Effects. I highly recommend watching the higher-quality version on Cedric’s website to appreciate the graphics.

(Thanks, Jipé)

  • Jay

    I agree about being too slow.. If it was sped up 2x I think it would be punchier.

    Who also was cringing a bit when the idea of it replaying the already slow game again?

    I love the style though.. love the off register graphics…


  • Se magnifique! And very funny too.

  • In addition to being too slow, the thick accent was a bit hard to understand.

    But there are some funny jokes and the graphics are nice, so it’s not a total waste of time.

  • Wow! Very funny! It wiould make a great theatrical cartoon!

  • matt

    Great stuff. Yep, Amid’s right about the pacing – although the game still NEEDS to be just as slow, which is the whole point. Loved the “slow-motion replay”! Beautifully styled, and I loved the old fifties thing with the static patterns/textures within moving objects. It once again proves that the tech means nothing. Flash being essentially digital cut-out animation – it’s what you bring to it that counts. Beautiful art direction too. And I didn’t find the narrator hard to understand (but then I’m not American, maybe that’s it), except for the name of the game