“Cloud” by Celine and Yann “Cloud” by Celine and Yann

“Cloud” by Celine and Yann

“Clouds” is the third episode of the Giants series by Celine & Yann, a London-based directing duo comprised of Celine Desrumaux and Yann Benedi. (View earlier episodes HERE and HERE.) It’s cartoon abstraction made accessible to the masses: the little people are abstract triangles, but the cloud (who wears rainboots as a delightfully ironic touch) and settings are representational. In our current age of visual excess, it’s refreshing to see any use of symbolic graphics to tell a story. The blippy and boopy sound design by David Kamp also adds to the final product. When I see the Giants cartoons, I am reminded of the spirit (if not the full on experimentation) of earlier Modern cartoons like Vlado Kristl’s Don Kihot (see below), and Celine and Yann’s playful graphic approach is something worth appreciating.

  • Thank you Amid for this nice post, and to make us discover this very funny reference. I didn’t know this video but it’s quite impressive. The mix sound-graphism is very interesting !

  • Vlado Kristl: Don Kihot -Amazing – funny , so out in front of the rest of the world in 1961 … thanks for posting !!!

  • This series of Giants is so amazing, simply but immense!!
    Congrats Celine&Yann for your work!!

  • These are great! I love Zagreb films from old mostly, ut “Giants” is really cute also.

    On another topic, could Cartoon Brew open a post regarding the poster to this year’s “OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL”?

    The good people at “Canadian Animation Resources” has shown it here:


    *Please excuse the many comments I’ve made on there. I’m getting a little too hot-headed about it. I gotta chill. Haha!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    So did any other TF2 fans besides me look at the thumbnail for the first video and immediately think of Heavy saying, “I AM GIANT”?

  • These Giant films get dark huh? man I feel bad for that guy!