“Cobwebs” by Cyriak “Cobwebs” by Cyriak

“Cobwebs” by Cyriak

The one and only Cyriak delivers yet another mind-bending visual experience with his brand-new short Cobwebs. If I had a list of favorite contemporary experimental animators, he’d be near the top.

  • Martyn

    I love Cyriak’s stuff, and this is no exception. Deliciously weird.

  • Tony McCarson

    Cyriak’s animation is always surreal and mesmerizing.

  • Doug Nichols

    Totally freakin’ awesome and I’ll never get to sleep tonight!

  • Started to not expect a payoff for a second and then I laughed out loud wondering where I was going to end up.

  • Was this on science channel? You know, the part where they explain the kids the world is made of things which consist of things which consist of things …

    The only animator I know who’s able to mix video clip and horror movie.

  • Michel Van

    this is one of his masterpiece
    Cows & cows & cows was already for me a surrealistic masterpiece
    but the Fractal nightmare of “cobweb” outreaches it
    Salvador Dali would be enthused

  • After Effects users know Cyriak kills.
    That stuff is hard to set up.
    Technically impressive and mesmerizing as always.