Confederate Fruit Confederate Fruit

Confederate Fruit

One of the unspoken rules of Cartoon Brew is that I will link to any piece of animation that combines fruit-people, furries and the song “I Wish I was in Dixie.” I’ve never had to do it until now though:

Michael Nason’s other photo-collage/mixed media animated videos are also worth a look.

  • Alison Lures

    …its like I can actually FEEL my brain cells deteriorate…

  • Are there any other unspoken rules? Just so we know.

  • Jackson

    I’m surprised some network hasn’t bought this as a series since it’s been posted.

  • ML

    Looks to be a ref to the old Billy Holiday song ‘Strange Fruit’, about lynching in the south; it’s often compared as a sort of mirror-Dixie.

    Although how the furries factor in is beyond me.

  • Ryan

    Well, of course, this all makes so much sense, it’s so obvious. Please?

  • Well, that’s Tim and Eric worthy ;) In all seriousness, I enjoyed it.

  • “Well, that’s Tim and Eric worthy ;) In all seriousness, I enjoyed it.”

    Not to disagree, but i’d like to think it would’ve been a little more inventive had it appeared on their show…like…you know…having more than just one wide shot to cover the entire thing?

    The most animation in the whole video is the pineapple that moves his eyes back and forth constantly — or, perhaps, the psychedelic background loop. The mouth (and nose movement) is Thumbationed in!

  • the “Rebel Song” at the link is better, and even creepier. I honestly have to had it to this guy…all he did was put fruit on the heads of old photos and animate the faces while they lip-synch to old Southern songs. But it works. Better than any of the similar stuff I’ve seen on Adult Swim.

    Does this guy by any chance have some connection with that weird ad campaign for Quizno’s sandwiches a few years ago? You know, with the weird bug-eyed chinchillas?

  • That said, I’m digging one of his other videos: AstroPoem XXX

  • vzk

    Another Clutch-Cargo-Inspired masterpiece:

  • Emperor Tomato Catsup

    I don’t think this has any connection to the weird Quiznos ads. You can see more recent work by the guy who did those here:

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    You didn’t mention that the furries were seriously hawt.

  • Just to make it all weirder he used Bob Dylan’s version of the song:

    FRUIT just happened to be a subject of an episode of Theme Time Radio Hour this season…

  • Dora Standpipe

    I guess I would have at least used a different mouth for each of the fruit heads. That was a few wasted minutes of my life watching that.

  • ManekiNeko

    Big lips on a watermelon? That can’t end well…