<em>Cornelis</em> by Ayaka Nakata <em>Cornelis</em> by Ayaka Nakata

Cornelis by Ayaka Nakata

Beautiful animated short by Ayaka Nakata that stems from a foundation of dance choreography. I like how the filmmaker creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue from abstract movements and sounds.

(Thanks, Tim Rauch)

  • Tim Schuit

    Really wonderful stuff….reminds me of Bill Plympton’s work.

  • Reminds me of Knutson’s Tootsie pops commercials.

  • Alan

    Wow – That was fantastic!

  • Scott

    Bob Fosse would be proud.

  • Sara H.

    Really cool, reminded me a lot of Yamamuri films

  • Deepak Verma

    it is awesome…..no words..

  • Adam VM

    It’s disheartening how the lovely shorts that the Brew links to receive so little commentary versus articles about the decline of Nick and CN.

    This is an interesting and pleasant short. I like the way the characters interact with each other and the space, breaking away from the horizontal axes for those big steps and so forth. It’s nice.