crowsnest crowsnest

“Crow’s Nest” by Robert Milne

London-based commercial animator Robert Milne tells a fine story in just over sixty seconds. Milne’s knowledge of traditional animation—he worked on films like Balto, The Prince of Egypt and Road to El Dorado–is put to good use on the crows whose movements and thoughts are communicated elegantly without need for any dialogue.

Pictures: Robert Milne
Sound: George Demure
Composition: Luke Carpenter

  • Tomm


  • Chris


  • jhalpernkitcat

    I lost it when the second crow stole the entire nest.

  • M Rahman

    that little tippet at the end =)

  • martin

    hahaha, love it.

  • Ccs

    Now that first crow needs to go batshit and peck and hell out of the other two.

  • Phil T

    Great short! Makes me wonder what injustice in the filmmakers life inspired that story. Poor hard working crow…

  • Mike Scott

    Hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh. Pleased with the cut at the end too.