<em>Darts in the Snow</em> by Alexei Kharitidi <em>Darts in the Snow</em> by Alexei Kharitidi

Darts in the Snow by Alexei Kharitidi

Simple but thoughtful storytelling in under a minute by Oscar-nominee Alexei Kharitidi. (via Cold Hard Flash)

  • A Longtime Observer

    Oooooo, that was sick. As oxymoronic as it sounds, there are some types of cartoon violence I can’t stand to look at. Sharp things are too close to real life for me.

    I will say it was clever shock value. I did not see that coming. Talk about getting stabbed in the back!

  • NancyB

    It’s an outstanding film.
    As for cartoon violence, I wish ALL violence was in cartoons, but this one is symbolic of the real thing–or rather, of ‘diplomacy’.
    I think most of us can deal with it. We deal with the daily news, after all.

  • red pill junkie

    Very, VERY profound!