“Don’t Swim After Lunch” by Jens Blank

Jens Blank’s imaginative new film Don’t Swim After Lunch was created for a traveling art exhibition that started in London and went on to Shanghai and Beijing. Says Blank:

It’s my take on daydreaming and changing everyday environments into something exciting. It was done over the stretch of 6 weeks grinding away in my room. Live action, Maya, AE, and pfTrack. You can find info on crew, concept art, behind the scenes on my webpage.

Direction & Design – Jens Blank
Cinematography – David Liddell
Sound Design – Jussi Honka
Music – David Pringle
Additional animation – Bence Varga & Balogh Zsolt

  • http://www.greasypigstudios.com arvin

    This is adorable and if only it had more of a story (or at least one more scenario) it would’ve been quite perfect.

  • http://www.knowlerdraws.co.uk Thomas Knowler

    Yeah! Go Jens!