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Dr. Kill and Mr. Chance

This is rather bizarre, but leave it to the French. A current project out of Paris,
Reality Toon, is an homage to classic Hollywood cartoons and the silent comedies that inspired them. The French love cartoons, slapstick, and perhaps above all Tex Avery and Jerry Lewis. This project combines all these into one strange set of three webisodes. Check them out – also view the behind the scenes, making-of film at

(Thanks, James Daniels)

  • the music in these clips is even more bizarre than the gags or concept of the clips. it’s like if bill lava with a cheap keyboard synthesizer.

  • I didn’t want to bother looking at the webisodes. Because, it basically scares the crap out of me.

  • FP

    Interesting idea, but completely unappealing. The project’s mastery of cartoon gaggery is on a level with that of The Wacky World of Tex Avery and Tom and Jerry Kids – in other words, it’s sucky. These guys can’t even properly encode their own video for web presentation.

    “Live action cartooning” was done to perfection in the 1980 Richard Elfman feature FORBIDDEN ZONE, which is the best possible movie in the whole world forever. Click the link and watch the trailer if you don’t know about this masterpiece.

  • This sort of reminds me of “Spy vs. Spy”.

  • Lanfield

    If Jacques Tati aimed to emulate Chaplin and Keaton and these guys are trying like hell to emulate Avery, Keaton and Lewis, isn’t it like the same animation being traced over too many times? The results get progressively wonky over time.

  • ____

    Reminds me of Lazy Town

  • It probably seemed like a good a idea at the time.

  • It’s creative and I like that they’re thinking outside the box. Maybe eventually, this sort of thing can be done really well.

  • Peter

    But it is so bad.

  • David Breneman

    “Mr. Chance” looks a lot like Joe E. Brown. I wonder if that was intentional. The character, however, is a pretty obnoxious. And there is a definite Jerry Lewis influence at work, as the characters have no motivation or raison d’etre (that’s French!). They’re just, you know, there.

  • Quelle tragédie.

  • Harald

    It’s got no heart what so ever.Very cold and therefor weird instead of funny.

  • Lame.

  • Funny… This is precisely the inverse of so-called “Uncanny Valley”- and I think thats a huge factor in why this seems so scary and unnerving. I think The Mask was a much better attempt at a “Reality Toon”- and its funny how those effects were done sooo long ago and still seem to stand up quite well.