“Drawings from the Hospital Bed” by Tom Bone “Drawings from the Hospital Bed” by Tom Bone

“Drawings from the Hospital Bed” by Tom Bone

Australian artist Tom Bone was laid up in a hospital bed for three weeks due to a broken pelvis. He made the best of his time and produced a four-minute animated short during his hospital stay. There’s a phenomenal amount of inventive character designs in his hilariously perverse morphing freakfest, which is looped multiple times below.

  • Nifty. Loves that kinda stuff. Could watch it all day. Very good, especially considering it was probably done while fighting off the effects of all kinds of intense medicine.

  • Dear Tom:
    Get hurt soon.
    (I want more of these!)

  • The animation is pretty good, but i couldn’t stand the background noise… (it reminded me the intro sequence in “Irreversible”)

  • chuck

    very cool, reminds me of bruce bickford