‘Dripped’ by Leo Verrier

An uber-cool homage to Jackson Pollock by French animator Leo Verrier. An official selection for Annecy 2011:

(Thanks, J.M. Urbina)

  • Cool! Not just Pollock, but Picasso, van Gogh, Arcimboldo and others.

  • Holy crap that was awesome! I love how the blend of 3D and 2D animation fit together so nicely.

  • tom

    That was neat, will definitely go down well at Annecy.

  • That’s the best cartoon I’ve seen in weeks! Great soundtrack, too. Though mentioning Pollock in your intro is a spoiler.

  • Beautiful!

  • J.m

    This film is so good it is actually crap!

    I wish there were films that looked and felt like this.

  • I really love the sensibility that must French short films have, but this one takes that to the next level.

    The Animation was incredible and the 3D was blended with the 2D in a very appealing way! Loved it!

    • Ariel

      The french defenitely have “cooL” cartoon look to their films.

      (Sure beats the un-appealing Super-hero style of N. American films)

      Though I really liked the character design’s in this short, I felt the 3D thrown in wasn’t necessary. It felt like were in a live action world. Really deminishes the visual power of the characters a bit.

      All in all, fun to watch.

  • Magical–just what you want animation to be.

  • As a native New Yorker, I can say that there is
    a true feeling of the city in the look of this
    wonderful film, which is quite extraordinary considering that this imaginative short was made
    in Paris!

    I certainly look forward to seeing this on the
    big screen in Annecy next week.

  • The Gee

    It is a fun short and he did a great job on it.

    The concepts in it are pretty cool ones, like, the fact that he was eating the art.

    Though, and this doesn’t matter too much, I did think of the short “Kunst Bar” more than once. That one covered part of the theme in this. But, of course this cartoon is so much more and focuses on one specific artist in interesting ways. Surely, he may not have ever even seen the Kunst Bar short though. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did not know of it.

  • Love it!!