Duct Tape Animation Duct Tape Animation

Duct Tape Animation

Duct tape + empty wall + 24 hours = Interesting animation experiment.

(Thanks, Karl Cohen)

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  • 1) I wish I had that much free time.
    2) How come no one was electrocuted? You’d be surprised how much power lies in only a few electrical lines…
    3) I don’t trust that guy with the flower.

  • (Mucho) Ditto 1)

  • Reese’s Pieces

    Curious choice to use sillos that look rotoscoped, yet executed with tape.

  • Not shiny or bright enough.
    No specific demographic target.
    No celebrity voice employed.
    No wisecracking sidekick.
    No music segment written by Elton John or Randy Newman.

    What are they, NUTS?

  • joecab

    How come no one was electrocuted?

    Because … duh … it was electrical tape.

  • Lucy

    ….Well, Mom always said you could do anything with duct tape :\ (though technically it is electrical tape… But, oh, well, close enough ^_^. )

  • Chris


    “How come no one was electrocuted?

    Because … duh … it was electrical tape.”

    WOW, that was bad. What are you a bear? : )

  • Duct tape, electrical tape… wait, isn’t it just painters’ tape?

    Regardless, pretty impressive for 24 hours. I don’t think I’d have the patience, even for a day. I get frustrated enough with old-fashioned pencil and paper. :-)

  • joecab

    Thank you, thank you, I’m here ’til Sunday!

    Yep, it looks like plain ol’ blue painter’s tape, which is a lot easier to tear into the small pieces needed for something like this. But electrical tape made for a funnier line. :)