<em>Elk Hair Caddis</em> <em>Elk Hair Caddis</em>

Elk Hair Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis is another mini-masterpiece from those crazy kids at Denmark’s Animation Workshop: Peter Smith, Alice Holme, Anders Brogaarde and Magnus Moller.

Peter Smith told us:

One of the goals with this piece of animation was to explore some of the boundaries of the 3D media, and how close we could bring it to a 2D feel in terms of broadness and flexibility. One of the very important inspirations that made us think along these lines was the work of the Swedish company Meindbender. Particularly the short Football vs. Rabbit was a very helpful source of inspiration. For the animation we used Maya and Blender (Anisculpt) and for comp we used Fusion.

  • I liked it. The odd thing for me was the environments seemed too realistic for characters with floating ears and stylized motions.

  • Wow, that was very impressive!
    I love the strong cartoony feel they were able to put in the animation, and the how absurd some gags were. Great work.

  • Love love LOVE that super cartoony 3D! I do wonder if this can be done without looking like clay or jello though. Great stuff!

  • Iritscen

    It’s great to see some CGI that isn’t pushing for realism. As much as I like Pixar, good CGI animation doesn’t need subsurface ray scattering and advanced cloth/hair physics.

    If I had one qualm, it’s that the environment had a little too much detail and looked disconnected from the characters (unless that was intentional). And in some shots the water looked like jelly, which was great, but in some shots they were rendering it with all kinds of ripples and dimples that looked too computer-y.

  • Excellent work! The cartoony 3D mixed with realistic BG’s looked great to me.

  • CMB

    Loved it! The style was awesome, reminded me of Fanboy and Chum Chum.

  • Officially my favorite 3d animation ever. Bow down, there’s a new king in town.

  • That was wonderful! I’m curious how they handled the bear’s head as he looked from side to side. I guess he just had eyes on both sides?Either way it was kick ass. I :OVED the bouncy squash and stretch and the frog’s subtle acting was awesome. The bear seemed to resemble my buddy Joe’s Podunk Possum tho.

  • http://vimeo.com/7684903 I found this via Keithlango’s blog on the making of it. It’s cool that the backgrounds are stop motion sets but I do kind of agree it’s a little too detailed for the character design. Overall though a very cool and fun piece!

  • NICE! That hook in the eye was pretty gross, and the way it was animated made it FEEL really gross. This was a cool short!

    Gotta agree about BG details tho. The color/texture relations help characters stand out in 2D, and that’s one of it’s strengths.

    What a great step for 3D!