Emcee Cain Emcee Cain

Emcee Cain

It’s hard to avoid political humor during campaign season – especially in these last days of the presidential race. Animator and caricaturist Andrew Arnold has been doing some very funny – and very unique – stuff on his HeadAState.com website. In the interest of fairness, here’s his latest animated political cartoon that highlights Senator McCain:

  • Tek Jansen

    Colbert had a much funnier- and much more toon-centric take on the election earlier this week:


  • I can’t lie, I enjoyed that.

  • I liked this, my friends :-)

  • really not clear if that’s PRO or ANTI mccain… someone explain? how does making him look like an awkward dwarf who tries to rap long, incoherent sentences help the man? and is pairing him with a minstrel-show dropout supposed to help or hurt?

  • Rick

    “In the interests of fairness?” Where’s the comparable Obama parody?

  • Gobo

    The 3D caricature of McCain was really well done.

  • that entertained me twice. once when i watched it the first time, and twice when i watched it again.

  • Mike Milo

    Wow! That was cool. Any idea how it was done? I can see elements of Flash or maybe After effects but the lip synch on McCain was pretty sweet. It looked like it was hand painted for each frame. Maybe just replacing mouths that were rendered. However it was done it was pretty cool looking.

  • good effort. talent. but not funny. sorry, my friends.

  • Tony

    I loved that!

  • billy jackson

    “In the interest of fairness”
    did i miss the post that was about Obama?

  • Steve

    Great job! I agree though – where is his parody of Obama? There would seem to be a wealth of material to work with: his “pals”, the blind adoration by the masses (getting applause for blowing his nose).

    Or has Andrew made the same pact with BO that the press has made? No criticism. No ridicule. No risk of being labeled a racist.

  • FP

    Sometimes one candidate simply does way more lampoonable stuff than the other candidate. Obama’s a successful politician, which of couse means he’s at least somewhat corrupt. All enduring politicians are. But, he hasn’t melted down in a million crazy public directions as McCain has. Thus, McCain is a riper target for humor.

    On topic, I really like the way this cartoon looks. Great mixed media stuff.

  • Joshua


    Not the greatest parody but, honestly, none of these things have been that funny at all throughout this election.

  • rhinotonight

    Or has Andrew made the same pact with BO that the press has made? No criticism. No ridicule. No risk of being labeled a racist.

    calm down, “steve.”

    this was pretty cool. loved it.

  • Gobo

    Putting aside any cheap shots, Steve, Obama’s simply not as ripe for parody because his image is so steady, reliable, and inspiring. McCain’s a walking cartoon character and truly bizarre in the way he speaks, moves, and acts.

  • Rick

    “Putting aside any cheap shots” while making one youself? not cool.

  • Steve

    Anything you say, “Rhino”

    I do agree that it was cool. The one on Giuliani was particularly brutal (and great). Its just that when a personality is out of bounds for any form of ridicule, it smacks of elitism.

    I was beginning to think Obama was completely humorless when he canceled his appearance on Saturday Night Live. But then he and McCain did some good stand up comedy at that Alfred Smith dinner:



    All I’m saying is if both of them can poke fun at themselves and each other, why should we be afraid to? In fact its our patriotic duty!

    … that is until Obama repeals the First Amendment :)