Aleix Saló’s “Españistán” Exposes Spain’s Housing Bubble Aleix Saló’s “Españistán” Exposes Spain’s Housing Bubble

Aleix Saló’s “Españistán” Exposes Spain’s Housing Bubble

Españistán by Aleix Saló serves as a reminder that animation is a medium for educating and informing as well as entertaining. The topic: an explanation of Spain’s housing bubble and subsequent economic crisis. Sound familiar? It’s currently the most popular animated short in Spain, which has been mired in weeks of protests and sit-ins by people who are fed up by the country’s two-party political system and its class of arrogant and out of touch politicians. Sound even more familiar?

Above is an English fansub of Españistán; the original upload has garnered over 1.3 million in the six days since its debut.

(Thanks, Animaholic)

  • Rob T.

    Is it immoral of me to take so much delight in such a creative yet clear summary of such awful events? Saló’s style and presentation remind me of the long-running (in internet terms) political Flash animator Mark Fiore, and the story itself is depressingly familiar to anyone who’s seen “Inside Job” or followed the economic news in the previous few years, but I like Saló’s flair for irony and absurdity. My favorite line after the “unicorns and rainbows” bit is “my only collateral is a turtle with a hat”, which just strikes me as a perfect piece of nonsense (although it could be some sort of inside joke that I don’t get). Thanks for the link!

  • Erik

    …and walt disney is still frozen

  • bob kurtz

    this is an important,funny film about a serious subject.bravo!!!!!!