EXCLUSIVE: Preview of Bill Plympton’s “Guard Dog Global Jam” EXCLUSIVE: Preview of Bill Plympton’s “Guard Dog Global Jam”

EXCLUSIVE: Preview of Bill Plympton’s “Guard Dog Global Jam”

Indie animation legend Bill Plympton‘s outlandish experiment to remake his Oscar nominated short Guard Dog as a global jam session is nearing completion. Dozens of animators contributed a few seconds each to recreate his original short shot-by-shot in their personal styles.

Bill shared this exclusive clip with us to show its progress. The mix of styles, techniques and skill levels is delightful, and the animator who animated the dog barking at the squirrel is the wildest piece of animation you’ll see today. The film will be completed in January and will hit the festival circuit in Spring ’11.

  • Rob

    Some were great, some….. not so much. Almost distracting varying level of skill.

    Its that John r Dillworth at the beginning?

  • I did a scene with the girl running away. This was a fun (and educational) project.

  • Cant believe it, I love Bill’s work but this is just his free round the world plane ticket and he didn’t even do a thing!

  • I’m a 10-yr-old film critic & budding animator, I did scene 41 (bull thinks of hamberger) and had a lot of fun learning to animate. This is my first finished animation piece. I look forward to collaborating with Bill Plympton on our animation short “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” about actress & Holocaust survivor Ingrid Pitt’s childhood story. Bill did storyboard and character design, I’ll do the animation with Toon Boom software:



    • Ron

      Good comment and that’s a great project you’re working on too. I can’t wait to see it.

  • doobiedoobiedoo

    This just shows how superior Bill’s original is…I’m a little unsure as to why he would do something like this.

    • Josef

      Maybe because it’s fun?

  • the cg scene with the bird made me cringe so much i look like popeye now

  • Ron

    As a teaching exercise this is a good idea. After all, they do this kind of thing in acting classes all the time: have the students perform scenes from movies – so why not do that with animation too? If nothing else, it could help students develop their own style further.

  • Missed my chance with this one! I envy and congratulate all the animators who got to work on this! I can’t wait to see it (if I get the chance, that is)!

  • Who did the barking-at-the-squirrel scene?? I love it!

  • Spencer

    This is really cool! I just wish I knew who animated the sequences. Is there a credit listing anywhere?

  • GSW

    I know there’s a list of the animators at the end of the Guard Dog Global Jam animatic that is up on youtube.