<em>Extn. 21</em> by Lizzie Oxby <em>Extn. 21</em> by Lizzie Oxby

Extn. 21 by Lizzie Oxby

In 2007, you’ll recall Madame Tutli Putli‘s disturbing and effective use of live action eyes composited onto the animated puppets.

A few years earlier, British filmmaker Lizzie Oxby combined stop-motion animation, live action performance (placing a live action head on a stop-mo puppet) and digital effects for her film Extn. 21. The results are equally effective — a bit creepy, but totally intriguing.

(Thanks, DeK)

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  • Wow. Thanks for sharing. This piece evoked so many different emotions. It was creepy yet stylistic. Darkly surrealistic. Disturbing yet intriguing. Totally cool.

  • Totally creepy, which I suspect was the intent. The real head/puppet body was only distracting for a brief moment near the beginning, and once things really started rolling it stopped being important and I got carried along for the ride. Masterful and absorbing work all around.

  • Looks like “The Prisoner” as directed by the Brothers Quay.

  • Johnnie

    Tutli Putli had to be the most over rated short film I had seen in years. This one. Well. I’m not sure. Can’t find the interest to watch more than a few seconds. snoooozzzeee