<em>Falling Short of God’s Glory Through Sin</em> by Bob McKnight <em>Falling Short of God’s Glory Through Sin</em> by Bob McKnight

Falling Short of God’s Glory Through Sin by Bob McKnight

Appealing religion-oriented animation is hard to come by–Jot excepted–so I had to share this brief but well-done piece for the religious cartoon series TheoCartoons.com called “Falling Short of God’s Glory Through Sin.” It was created by Bob McKnight. When I used to live in LA, Bob was one of my favorite people to run into because he always had a million great stories to share. He’s had quite a career that includes everything from animating Sesame Street segments to the film titles for Who’s That Girl?, as well as working on revivals of classic animation characters like Blooper Bunny and House of Mouse.

(Thanks to Chogrin who pointed out this bit of animation to me.)

  • Nic Kramer

    Very Ward Kimbalish.

  • Steve Loter

    I love the art in that video. Bob is one of the best artists and nicest guys in the industry.
    Well done!

  • Very nice. A very well executed use of a “classic” cartoony style. And funny too :)

  • Marcus

    Funny–it doesn’t specify WHICH god.

  • This man is a giant in animation and its related industries.

  • Michael

    Wow, wow, wow! Very cool looking! Yet another unsung genius.

    “This man is a giant in animation and its related industries.”

    Yeah, get it right, Amid

  • a reader

    Bob certainly draws the lights out.

  • Tim

    From the Credit-Where-Credit-Is-Due department: Yes, the talented Bob McKnight was one of the many people who worked on the episode. But it was created by Michael Joens who also wrote, directed & produced it. John Pomeroy was also one of the animators who contributed, as well.

  • Wow! So many different animation styles and techniques all in one film! For 2 bucks this is really great stuff!

  • Bob McKnight

    To add to the list also (for this sequence) was Lenord Robinson, who did the first storyboard pass, and supplied the voice of the Professor at the blackboard; Mike’s son Brandon,who worked on After F/X and many other things; and Danile who supplied backgrounds, music, and more. Good job to everyone who worked very hard on this show.

  • phil stapleton

    One of the greatest draftsmen that I have ever known, or ever will know in the animation industry. a true hands down genius!!

  • The dumb-looking guy with the pink face kind of reminds me of the Pigs is Pigs character from the Disney animated short.

  • I totally want to work on this. Great stuff, Bob & Co.! Fantastic.

  • Bob’s outstanding work has been an inspiration to me for many years. Great to see him featured here!

  • greg m

    I agree that Bob is a Great Artist and Human Being! Love the guy!

  • Professor Widebottom

    I recall many, many moons ago seeing a special retrospective of Art Clokey works at the Nuart in Santa Monica. He was there commenting on each piece. When “Davey & Goliath” (produced by the Lutherans) was on the screen, he simply showed a segment where boy and dog were trapped at the bottom of a pit somewhere in the wilderness. They were shouting for help and then the scene simply faded out and ended. It was obvious that Art was signaling that this wasn’t his proudest endeavor and that he had no vested interest other than a paying gig.

    This is unusually tastefully designed stuff, on the other hand.

  • Animatoire

    Great animation! A real nice throwback to more vintage stylings. It’s a shame it’s being used to promote disturbing religious dogma aimed at kids. But I guess if we’re going to teach children to feel ashamed and worthless….we might as well do it with a cartoon!

  • Creepy

    I love it. Right on the mark in many ways.

  • julian

    Bob is a genius ……and thanks for showing this amid.

  • Excellent work!

  • Kack

    Mike Joens first came up with the Theo character over thirty years ago and he never forgot it. It’s a testament to his tenacity as well as circumstance that so many top notch 2D animators are available today who wouldn’t have been able to contribute in the late 1970’s. Aside from its theological message, the artistic subtext here is ‘never give up!’ It’s good to see someone helping talent, now that corporate America has just about wiped out a generation of artists.

  • joecab

    OMG this is great! And yes it’s beautifully Ward Kimball-y.

  • Bill Perkins

    wonderful stuff… CARTOONY!!!!! Yeah Man !

  • Byron Vaughns

    Always a joy to see Bob’s work (along with the other talented cartooners)!

  • Robert Griggs

    Dr. Bawb’s pencil strikes again! Who was that masked animator? Bob McKnight is a name that everyone working in animation should know. Studios should be beating his door down.

  • Go Dr. Bob!
    Thanks for the credit and link to my site Amid!

  • Thank the Lord for Bob McKnight!

  • Beautiful stuff!

  • OtherDan

    Nice! Just like the old days I wish I had worked in. Now do something irreverent and hire me. Not that reverence doesn’t have it’s place.