<em>Fard</em> by David Alapont and Luis Briceno <em>Fard</em> by David Alapont and Luis Briceno

Fard by David Alapont and Luis Briceno

A man gets an opportunity to shine a light on what lies beneath the surface in this 12-minute french dialogue sci-fi short by David Alapont and Luis Briceno, produced by Jérémy Rochigneux (Metronomic). If the new Heavy Metal feature contains material like this I’ll be very happy – but I won’t hold my breath.

(via Twitch, Thanks to Thorsten Fleisch)

  • awesome, it’s refreshing to see new levels of animation.

  • YEAAAAAAAH Fard!!!

  • Impressive. Most impressive.

  • Brian

    Very nice! For the non-French-speaking, “Fard” means “Makeup.”

  • JMatte

    At first, I was a bit taken aback by the rotoscoping. Well worth sitting all the way through, as there is a reason for the feel and look of the animation. It’s interesting how they’ve integrated it into the story.
    There were a moment or two where the hand held camera was almost giving me a headache, but that’s a minor gripe.
    Definitely a great short film!

  • Chris J.

    Wonderful. I agree this is the sort of thing the new Heavy Metal should be steeped in – but I fear that project is going to be all-CG.

    Not that I mind an all-CG Heavy Metal segment – it’s just that the promise of a well-animated version of Moebius or Azpiri in 2D gets less and less likely as 3D slowly becomes the animation medium of choice.

  • mamma thats good!

  • NC

    That was awesome.

    As for the Heavy Metal thing. If James Cameron is involved you can bet on an animated short with a story ripped off from Lion King. Then he’ll go around saying how it’s not an animated short.

  • JH Jordan

    Fascinating concept well executed. Nicely done!

  • Altek

    My pleasure!

  • Awesome stuff. Reminded me of Brave New World for a while with a great twist.

  • Very interesting and well done. Roto with a purpose.

  • Loved this. Rotoscope as plot-device. Process integrated with narrative. This is the correct order of things.

  • The Twitch video has been updated in a better quality and with english subtitles ; could Cartoon Brew update the video too ?
    Thanks !
    Claire Vatant (Metronomic assistant)