“Farm Music” by Yousuke Oomomo “Farm Music” by Yousuke Oomomo

“Farm Music” by Yousuke Oomomo

Cute imagery and creepy lyrics rub up against each other in Farm Music, a short by up-and-comer Yousuke Oomomo. To learn more about Oomomo’s work, Ben Ettinger’s AniPages Daily offers some illuminative commentary about the young Japanese filmmaker.

  • A really cute and fun cacophony on the farm!
    ….The lyrics were pretty creepy, though.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Yeah, I was almost expecting to see a full dinner table set up by the end!

      • The Gee

        it did almost seem to be headed that way for a moment.

        it is a fun short for what it is.

  • I love the explosive cuteness of the entire video. Did anyone see the River of Brightness by this animator? It’s beautiful.