<em>Flight Patterns</em> by Charlie McCarthy <em>Flight Patterns</em> by Charlie McCarthy

Flight Patterns by Charlie McCarthy

Nature is an experimental animator. This is a video of long-exposure photos of bugs moving under a street light. While the process is not animation, the results evoke scratch-on-film techniques, not to mention the more obvious comparison to PikaPika.

(via Kottke)

  • These are a series of images that are manipulated to create the illusion of movement. That’s animation enough for me.

  • Brilliant! Proof positive that animation is everywhere, in a multi-dimensional, other-worldly sense.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I’ve always enjoyed his experimental work with Edgar Bergen and Mortimer Snerd.

  • So those are real bug trails or animated photo bg with drawings for the bug’s trails? If it’s real it’s pretty cool to see bug’s flying in that corkscrew shape!

  • christy

    thats really cool!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Charlie McCarthy’s work on vimeo is definitely worth looking at. What he can do with a consumer cam is awesome. I’d also recommend the work of vimeo user Remyyy.

  • guest

    wow. that was boring.
    what´s so special about a long exposure/ time lapse.
    -> no story-> no real animation-> fun “test” that gets far more attention than it deserves.