<em>Fly</em> by Alan Short <em>Fly</em> by Alan Short

Fly by Alan Short

Fly versus couch potato. This cute little short was funded by Aardman Animation, part of a series to showcase it’s stable of directors.

(Thanks, Al Young)

  • Hilarious! It’s provides more LOLs than the last Wallace and Gromit adventures.

  • jason

    I wish animated features were as inventive as this!
    Really nice.

  • kind of a nice salute to “The Cat Came Back” but with it’s own nice flavor and timing.

  • Tom Pope

    Very funny!

  • Absolutely hilarious!

  • Paul N

    Loved the venus flytrap gag!

  • Chris S

    Awww, CG…

  • MadRat

    A little on the violent side for me, but the textures were very impressive and it was still a cute story.

  • Vixie

    Very fun short. The character designs reminded me a lot of The Pink Panther.

  • Phil

    Hilarious ending!
    Most enjoyed! c:

  • Great. And I like to see this again in a packed theater: nothing’s better than 1000 people laughing at the same time.

  • Jeffers

    Definitely has Oscar potential. I agree that this is funnier than Wallace and Gromit have been latley.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    I clicked on this just to hear what might pass for sound effects in modern animation, and I have to say I was intrigued by what I heard. This is the kind of sound portion that all cartoons could have. I got many distinct pictures from just listening to this, real Avery-like in timing and jarring where it should be. I’d love to know how the sound portion was produced to so neatly fit the quick bits of action.

  • I don’t want to be a sour puss here, but is it just me or is “predictable physical animated comedy” over done here?

    The animation looked sort of jerky for a 3D short. You’d think there’d be smooth transitions from pose to pose.

    Design-wise, it reminded me of the NFB’s The Cat Came Back. In fact, so did the storyline and humour.

    And sorry, not to take ANYTHING away from the effort and all-out “fun” it took to make this. I’ll always respect and admire people’s work ethics and opportunities to make their own shorts.

    To me personally though, it wasn’t anything extraordinary. But fun to watch! :)

  • frame grabber

    What a waste of energy. I thought Aardman were more original than this. Too bad.

  • Stephanie

    Normally, I wouldn’t be so technical–especially with the logistics in the world of animation, but the flytraps gag bugged me (no pun intended, I swear). Flytraps aren’t that sensitive, as in they don’t snap shut–or snap in general–when you poke them or something. In fact, the only way for the flytraps to close would to touch two sensor points inside their mouths, where they detect sugar or something (I can’t remember all the details), and then they shut, slowly suffocating their prey.

    I mean, the gag was still funny. I got it. I just had a nagging notion of reality when seeing it.

  • normal person

    I agree Stephanie, I am certain that the director set out to make a documentary about venus fly-traps and the rest of the film was just an unfortunate accident. Cartoons ARE about reality, and all animals can talk.

  • normal person

    Frame grabber, you are so right, what a waste of energy. I once left a 2000w light bulb on for a year and it didn’t even get on YouTube, but this piece of crap gets shown all over the place. Life is so unfair.