“Fot and Angus” by Alex Dron “Fot and Angus” by Alex Dron

“Fot and Angus” by Alex Dron

Here’s something you probably won’t see on Cartoon Network. FOT and Angus are part of a live action/animation skitshow in New Zealand. Alex Dron is their creator – he’s an animation director at Yukfoo Animation in Auckland. Dron has just put eight episodes of FOT and Angus online for the rest of the world to see. It’s voiced by Rhys Darby and co-written by Karl Wills (animated Kaz’ Underground). Here’s a taste:

  • I laughed. I’ll look for more of those.

  • Al Best

    Isn’t this a moving comic? I liked the design/art-direction. I miss animation.

  • Hilarious through and through.

  • Marshall

    Funnier than the LT Show by a mile.

  • Adam

    Very funny show

  • Wow, hilarious!

  • this show is always funny. I think that the lad’s voice brings a great deal to it but I immediately fell in love with the design and the simple animation. I was trying to emulate the style for half a day after first spotting these so that says a lot

  • What kind of a ridiculous name is “Fot”?

  • Keith

    Love it! The v/o for Fot is awesome.

  • Teafly

    I loled at the last line “WHAT WAS I TOUCHIN”

  • OMG.. that was hilarious :)

  • Rhys Darby is hysterical, I love that guy. Funny stuff!

  • Fotter

    Nice design, but really, can’t anybody tell a story anymore? Just as the cartoon starts to go somewhere, they drop the plot and end up somewhere else.

  • GSW

    Really, really enjoyed this. Very funny. I want to see more.
    I wish there was more US animation for adults.