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Fox Launches ADHD With Obama, Romney and Hamsters

Fox debuted a political animated short yesterday called Robama. They’re making shorts as part of their cheekily named ADHD property, which stands for Animation Domination High-Def. It’s a multi-platform property with content appearing online and, beginning next year, on late-Saturday night Fox TV broadcasts.

It’s an extension of their Animation Domination label, which is how Fox markets their Sunday night cartoon block with The Simpsons and Family Guy.

ADHD is headed up by Nick Weidenfeld, who has worked as an Adult Swim exec. There are few details on what will air on ADHD; Axe Cop is the only announced series so far. Fox is soft-launching ADHD this month with a website and some random shorts like Robama and a series called Hamsters on Rollerskates:

(Thanks, @TheOtherHillary)

  • Jeff

    Those were awful.

    • Agreed. Those were a waste of time, effort, writers, and just.. yuck.

  • Kind of reminds me of Robert Smigel’s “TV Funhouse” shorts, only less satisfying.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I couldn’t get through 30 seconds of this. Robert Smigel certainly did it much better.

      • Stéphane Dumas

        I agree, I miss the old skit of SNL’s “X-Presidents” :-)

        And they should had added Gary Johnson in this animation. ^^;

  • thomas nast is turning in his grave

  • Madman Mike

    I remember an old Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode with “Subtle Political Satire” listed among the graves in the cemetery.

    This proves they were right.

  • Mike

    This was a massive letdown after the intro, which had me hoping for some psychedelic, Superjail!-esque animation. Instead I got a poorly made and tremendously unfunny waste of time.

  • Sarah J

    This.. Was stupid, not very funny, and it just made NO sense. Robama might as well have just turned into a platypus and flew away. The little political satire wasn’t subtle, like, at all.

  • Goober

    Gee, how very sensitive for Fox to launch a ridiculously stupid, satirical, not even funny in the least, ad during “National ADHD Awareness Week!” Are there any intelligent people out there…anywhere…because they’ve left the building at Fox! Idiots (sorry).

  • TJR

    One of the worst things I’ve ever seen. A complete waste of 2 and half minutes.

  • I liked it. Even though it wasn’t entertaining in a conventional sense, and abominably low-budget, it was oddly compelling and I felt satisfied after watching it (much as with some ADULT SWIM shows). I look forward to ADHD.