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“Franklin the Ladies Cat” by Bard Edlund

He’s not Felix and definitely not Fritz. Franklin is an enterprising cat looking for love in the big city.

Oslo-born, New York designer/songwriter Bard Edlund funded this new series of shorts through Kickstarter. The first episode is a bit laid-back and a little talky, but it has a certain charm that justifies its being. I like it. Edlund sent us this note:

“Long-time fan of the Brew! This started out as a short film, but I edited it down to become the first episode of a series. I’m a beginner, with lots to learn about both animation and writing, but I hope this could still be of interest! I feel it has a quiet mood to it that differs from most of what’s out there.”

  • That was a pretty cute animation. :)

    I especially like how the film gets you to sympathize with Franklin.

  • Lovely cartoon, Bard! Kind of in a similar vein to some of my Zoo Laffs comics, over at Please check ’em out!