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Fruitless Efforts

We’ve highlighted the talented filmmakers at MAKE, the animation studio out of Minneapolis Minnesota, before. And as long as they keep making great little films, we will continue to point them out to you.

Here’s the latest short from the MAKE team: Fruitless Efforts: Fruit of the Womb. This cartoon highlights a day in the life of Apple, “an average fruit guy trying to hold a job, have friends and just live his life in peace like a normal apple.” It’s fast, funny and pretty cool lookin’. This short, which combines 3D and hand-drawn animation, was directed by Aaron Quist and Andrew Chesworth. See it here.

  • Well I dug it, the ending wasn’t what I expected though.

  • VERY FUNNY! It’s a really good short!

  • Whoa.

    That is one weird film.

    My favorite kind! SLURRP!

  • Mike Lucy

    Really nice looking. Pretty strange overall.

  • That was bizarre.

  • I think there are some interesting design elements going on here.
    Some nice animation and some great gags, but I’m not sure it’s a very good film.

  • Rio

    what a horrible way to end the short.

  • PEZ

    This is the technique that I had always dreamed that computer animation would evolve to. A perfect merger of 2d and 3d. MY only complaint would be that the color choices were a bit blah and generic. (ie grass is green and the sky is blue) But I really like the short and I thought the lighting techniques were awesome. Give these guys a tv deal or something. I would love to see more work by these guys.

  • Autumn

    I didn’t like it. The animation was funny and quirky, but the story was too bizarre and not in a likable way. For ME anyway.

    I guess I’m just tired of seeing one smart character being surrounded by stupid characters and being helpless to escape. Are we all so stupid now that we can only identify with stupid characters? C’mon.

  • Weird finish. It had some funny moments but overall the design was too generic for my liking.

    Watermark’s “I got opinions” music video posted here earlier was a much better 2d/3d example of this marriage.

    But MAKE studio’s “AICP” short and the Nike commercial wer much more interesting to watch, i thought.


  • Hulk

    Autumn you have a point however I don’t think this cartoon fell in to the same trap as others you might see on cartoon network (amid feel free to scratch out the word cartoon) or Nick- where it’s usually an overly hyper, pseudo hip, stupid character that’s annoying the smart one. These fruits were more in the vein of traditional cartoon stupid- like the Beanstalk Giant, the Abominable Snowman, or countless other supporting characters from the Looney Tunes.

    Other than that it was really well done. Count me as a fan.

  • I laughed so hard. Love the design style, could have been pushed a bit further but it went well.

    And the concept was very strange, good job!

  • Dave

    anyone know if this is 3d or 2d or a mix? :o

  • WEIRD!!!!!

  • They got away with a lot on this one. Almost. I just wasnt sure why the Banana looked preggers.

  • TheGunheart

    I…I don’t get it. Really.

    I mean, yes, the animation is fantastic, but the cartoon doesn’t seem to run on any sort of logic, which is even worse given the mundane look of the characters. I mean, if these were aliens or something, I could imagine it all being the result of them being, well, alien. But fruit seems too normal for the premise of this short.

    Really, I consider myself pretty good with incomprehensible stories, but this one went over my head. I honestly can’t seem to wrap my head around the plot of this one, and it really felt too bizarre for the gags to make sense.

    I’m not saying I want it to be mundane and “normal”, I just kind of wish it hadn’t used such eyebrow-raising concepts. I can buy an apple having dopey “friends” that hinder his attempts to go to work, but why is he outright afraid of them? Why does the tree eat it its own fruit to make them magically reappear in its branches? Why are the grapes throwing themselves at the apple?

    Really, the ending was the only part that seemed to make any sort of sense, and I’m amazed everyone was surprised by it. It’s a cartoon about fruit: how do you expect it NOT to end with them being splattered? I was actually surprised by a Penny Arcade Twisp & Catsby comic simply because it involved a balloon man and didn’t end with it getting popped.

  • I actually liked the ending.

    The overall design of it makes it look European, where colors are just vibrant enough–they don’t POP OUT AT YOU like the color in American CG shorts or commercial features do. I’d like to see more strange, weird shorts like Fruitless–switches up the monotony a little!

  • OK, after watching this film a couple times here is what I was able to pick up. The tree is obviously supposed to be representative of a giant phallus. I dont understand what the point of it chasing and eating the fruit was though or why when it ate the fruit it popped back on its branches. When the phallus tree puts on the condom and dives into the mouth of the house I guess that is supposed to be some kind of metaphor for fellatio? Maybe the fruit are supposed to represent wasted sperm and they end up in the oven which represents hell? Are the animators trying to push sex for procreation only? The only things I am sure about with this cartoon is that is definitely has a lot of sexual undertones, and that I have spent far too much time as it is thinking about it. Maybe some questions are better left unanwsered.

  • well, I for one thought it was a wonderfully perverse romp! there was another show a lot of people complained ‘had no meaning’ and was ‘too bizarre to understand’, despite the attractive animation- and that was Ren and Stimpy. garnering the same attention and gross-out factors are in no way bad things in my book! surely there is enough room in the animation world for things rife with subtext like coraline and waltz with bashir and fast-paced phallocentric outbursts like this short? awesome stuff! also, from what i know of the creators, they ABSOLUTELY intended the deeper meaning to be ‘don’t waste sperm, sex only for procreation’. definitely.