<em>Glüko & Lennon</em> Pilot <em>Glüko & Lennon</em> Pilot
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Glüko & Lennon Pilot

Here’s a funky CG kids’ show pilot from Buenos Aires, Argentina called Glüko & Lennon. Created by Federico Radero and Tomi Dieguez at L’Orange Gutan, the show contains a generous dose of the rainbow-colored vector-oriented design sensibility that can be found in spades at any Pictoplasma conference. They make the look work well, though I can’t imagine any US broadcasters would be hip enough to allow a show like this on the air.

For more about the show, visit GlukoAndLennon.blogspot.com.

(Thanks, David OReilly)

  • that was really great! it looked like there was a mix of 3d and 2d going on at times maybe? but it was totally seamless! either way this is the best use of 3d i’ve seen in a long time! great!

  • Wow, that was.. well, it was good, but I don’t know what else to say.

    They had me at the last line of the theme song. “It should be banned!”

    Loved the constant breakout to other shows/media, like Mario 3. And the random gentleman in a hard hat.

    And the most awkwardly sincere voice acting.

  • Charlie

    That is incredibly adorable! I’d watch it if I was a kid, but I’m not so I don’t count.

  • That was absolutely hilarious! And totally fun to watch! Are they allowed to use Sonic the Hedgehog sound effects and Super Mario 3 backgrounds, though??

  • Z

    Friends with you meets Adventure Time? Very appealing, its good to see an Argentinian team taking on something more than just ‘commercial animation’. The voices do feel a little bit off.

  • Thomas

    I was thinking the same exact thing Z.

    Also this is unrelated but relevant to Z’s post, but I never see Friends With You news on the Brew: http://www.friendswithyou.com/blog/better-together-for-match-com

  • Z

    I just want to add that I haven’t seen any love for Pocoyo here at CB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHMpVjoS4WQ Its the best 3D show for kids in the known universe.

  • Ariel

    the pacing and music is a little reminiscent of adventure time
    very pretty though

  • JG

    I think the word “wonderful” sums this up pretty well.

  • Friends With You deserve love from no-one.

  • I love this !

  • That was totally freaky awesome great!

  • Three hats off and twelve thumbs up

  • This looks like Nobynoby Boy and it’s great!

    I like the big pink guy that seems to have no problem morphing his body shape all over the place.

  • vanessa

    I agree with Z on both of his comments:

    -The voices are a little strange, but I loooooved everything else (including the Aventure Time reminiscence).

    -Pocoyo is AWESOME and I’ve never seen it on CB!


  • Very cute!
    Refreshingly offbeat stuff and well done, too.

    Visually, of course, it’s a little familiar… But still very appealing,
    and there are some inventive aspects to the design.

    Easy on the eyes!

    Z, I also second (third?) your sentiments regarding Pocoyo!

  • E. L. Kelly II

    I grinned ear-to-ear from the first second to the last.
    LITERALLY!!! My mouth hurts from 12+ minutes of grinning!

    The bubblegum colors are great to look at; the Flash is top-of-the-top hilarious; the pop-culture cut-ins are placed precisely for maximum humorousness; Super Fluous and the bad-guy character are cleverly thought-out and written.
    I actually thought the voices were fine in all their awkwardness – Super Fluous especially. I considered it all a part of the unexpectedness of the show.
    For all this short’s general all-world fun, there are those distinct little touches that remind us that this is produced in a Latin American country. Way to break a wall down, L’Orange Gutan!

  • hey so you said “rainbow-colored vector-oriented design sensibility that can be found in spades at any Pictoplasma conference. They make the look work well (…)” If you mean there are others that fail to pull of this same aesthetic I’d like to see an example please? (not a challenge, just genuinely interested.)

  • Yeah. That was pretty sweet. It’s like the smarter, better-looking brother of Adventuretime.

    I could imagine it maybe getting on Cartoon Network.would be great to at least get them to air in What-A-Cartoon style to at least gauge the audience reaction. It’s at not as weird as some Adult Swim stuff, but it’s definitely not geared directly at older sets. So it’s a tough fit.