“Gorge” by Thomas Knowler “Gorge” by Thomas Knowler

“Gorge” by Thomas Knowler

When an all-consuming city overwhelms you, remember music can set you free… Thomas Knowler’s post-grad thesis project for the School of Visual Arts, NYC has a Gahan Wilson meets Mobieus vibe. And I like it.

Since Gorge, Knowler has been working on a series of animated-illustrations for JG Ballard’s The Drowned World. Knowler says, “I think it’s evident that as technology provides more areas for animation to be displayed; illustrated books could well take advantage of using short animations as a form of illustration. You can find two I have completed (in serious detail) here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).”

  • Robert Schaad

    Very cool. Creative use of sound. Great BGs, etc.

  • pretty amazing. I wish more animation was like this.


  • W

    It’s Moebius.

  • diego

    Nice stuff. I enjoyed it.

  • Beautiful.

    It’s less like Mobius and more like Peter Foldès’ HUNGER, the 1973 short which featured cg inbetweens:


    The dance evokes a similar scene in YONGARY, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP, in which a giant dinosaur dances to music playing on the transistor radio of a small boy

    • CRS

      Reminds me of Bruce Bickford’s style of movement and morph/decay actions.

  • Justin

    Love the style of this

  • Thanks everyone!

  • i found the soundtrack to be overly bombastic

  • Doug

    Loved the score … really added an ominous and creepy feel to this creepy short. Really liked this one!