Grant Orchard’s <em>Paintballing</em> Grant Orchard’s <em>Paintballing</em>

Grant Orchard’s Paintballing

There’s minimalist animation and then there’s Grant Orchard‘s work. His short Park Foot Ball (mentioned on the Brew back in 2006 is a masterpiece of graphic clarity and communication. I was pleased to learn in this interview Grant recently did with The Animation Show that Italian broadcaster Qoob has commissioned him to do ten more sports-themed shorts based on the pared-down graphic and aural approach of Park Foot Ball. The first of the ten new “Love Sport” shorts–Paintballing–can be viewed below. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  • Tom Pope

    Has this video been pulled?

  • That was pretty wonderful.

  • Matt Clark

    I think this is them.. they actually came out last year:


  • Tom Pope


  • As a certain Cannon Fodder theme tune sung:
    “War has never been so fun!”

  • A slice of fried gold on a gold bun with gold squirted all over and a glass of frosty cold gold juice.