Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters by Ken Turner.

(Thanks, Daikun)

  • I think it’s Ken Turner, not Tucker…

  • Elliot – Duly noted! Thanks for the correction.

  • Andrew

    Funny….I liked it.

  • “Music Courtesy of Danny Elfman.” Nice.

  • SlappyHappy

    Wasn’t this a Power Puff Girls Episode?

  • Julian Carter

    The musical themes from Elfman’s music reminded me a lot of his score for Meet the Robinsons (in fact, parts sounded near identical). Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the Meet the Robinsons score. I’m confused.

  • Reason

    Nice but would be nicer if he doubled the running speed.

  • Somebody call the Wererabbit!!

  • It’s the Mars Attacks score.

  • Ken

    the score is from 3 different songs from 3 different Elfman scores……the opening is from Mars Attacks…….the main one through the vegetable monsters sequence is from Corpse Bride and the final credits is from Sleepy Hollow…..

  • Ken

    a special halloween thanks goes out to Jerry and Cartoon Brew for posting the film….its greatly appreciated by all who worked on it….

  • Ken

    http://aotgvm.blogspot.com/ Here is a link to some production art!

  • adxzun

    go ken go ken. you are awesome!!! Ji says he loves you.

  • Ken

    thanks arthur…….tell Ji thanks, but no thanks……

  • HA! liked the “baby onions.”

  • bayamus

    In general I enjoyed it but the stock scratchy film effect really took a lot away from it. I liked the style of the character designs though.