<em>Happy Hour</em> by Maxime Paccalet <em>Happy Hour</em> by Maxime Paccalet

Happy Hour by Maxime Paccalet

This is an incredible short. Happy Hour (Café allongé), produced by Paris based Kaw Animation, directed by Maxime Paccalet, is what hand drawn animation is all about, where it should go, what it should explore. And it’s a lot of fun.

(Thanks, Dek Dekku)

  • Bill Field

    It did not disappoint- I wonder where you can find the technical info on how they put this together, aside from it’s drawn/cel platform. It certainly utilizes the MTV world we live in as a catalyst of sorts.

  • That was great! I love the way he used the camera. Very inspiring stuff.

  • Tedzey

    Very good, and reminded me of bill plympton’s stuff!

  • Patrice

    “Café allongé” is an americano in English… an espresso shot with water to fill the rest of the cup.


  • Very well done!

  • x

    Ahhh… A real Teen Love story.

  • Wow the French and the Japanese sure are fans of hyperbole! It was a great little short, very charming and fun.

  • Ben K.

    Glad to see Freddie is getting more animation roles since Cromartie High.

  • Jesse

    This looks very heavily influenced by Tsurumaki’ “FLCL” (produced by Production I.G., Gainax and Starchild Records). Ever since I saw this series in 2001 I’ve been saying this same thing regarding a new direction for animation.

  • Fantastic stuff. Damn French, two steps ahead of everyone else (except the Japanese).

  • The animation reminds me of that Korean feature Aachi and Sipak, which I thought was very good. That’s the only Korean feature I’ve seen, though. Are there more like Aachi and Sipak out there?

  • …and a little of ” mind game ” also !
    great work and funny short ! the sequence when the camera turns around the guy passing between the legs and over his head is awesome ! bravo les gars !

  • Absolutely love it. Animation is fantastic. The thing that got me is these sort of scenarios run through my head all the time when it comes to approaching a girl. Spot on.

  • NC

    It’s funny I do definitely see the anime influence but I definitely see a lot more Bill Plympton in it. I don’t see a lot of anime today pushing the envelope like this does. Then again Cowboy Bebop was the last anime that I liked, it kind of went down hill from there, but if they’re making a comeback I’d like to know if there anymore out there as punchy as this short.

  • JMatte

    Definitely some great shots in that little film. Some really fun exagerations in the animation. It does have some feel of Plympton or FLCL, but only as inspiration (both are great to have!).
    Bravo to the team!

  • Great stuff. The timing and camera reminded me a lot of Dead Leaves (2004) with a softer style.

  • @NC you need to check out any/all of Masaaki Yuasa’s work; His movie Mind Game and his series Kemonozume, Kaiba and the new (tho somewhat more mainstream/restrained) one Tatami Galaxy


  • Bill Plympton by way of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and his wonderful live action film “Amelie”. Great stuff and nicely realized.

  • Wow that was amazing, thanks for sharing! For some reason the part at the very end where everyones “eyesight lines” pointed right at his crotch made me laugh out loud.

  • Happy Hour…. A triptastic artfully crafted blend of intenational animation served skillfuly in full karmakazi style.

    -snap- waiter! another glass here, chop chop!

  • tomm

    reminds me of another classy 2d production…mindgame. both these films make great use of the medium

  • NC

    @ Tim Drage Thanks!

  • Mac

    I agree, reminded me a bit of Mind Game which is also a fantastic film.

  • Rob T.

    That was FUNNY! “Walter Mitty”-style wishful imaginings have been done in dozens of other contexts, but “Happy Hour”‘s stylish animation, imaginative staging and (most important) drop-dead-perfect timing bring a moribund cliche back to twitching, jumping, moonwalking, hamster-juggling life. My favorite part is the musical sequence–the most Plymptonesque part, and not coincidentally the part when the film goes completely around the bend.

  • The more I watch it, the funnier it gets. Now I’m laughing at the blue room sequence.

  • Akbar Shahzad

    What a fantastic little film! Bill Plympton is a big influence, clearly … And Jerry’s spot on, this is exactly the kind of thing traditional animation should be doing–freeing the artists’ imagination in a way that live-action and even CGI cannot hope to do. Think of this being made with Maya! What else have these guys done?

  • ZAR

    Ever since Chomet and his Triplettes de Belleville came along I’m ready for the next animated miracle to hit us square between the eyes!

    Forget Japan, Korea and the US – Europe is the place where the best “classic” animation comes from these days!