“Harrey Podder: Say the Magic Word” by David Stodolny

I’m going to assume that Harrey Podder: Say the Magic Word (a.) makes sense and (b.) is funny if you know something about Harry Potter. I don’t, so all I can say is that the creator David Stodolny is currently an animator at DreamWorks.

(via Mike Stern Twitter)

  • Darkblader

    Just in time too.

  • Gobo

    Cleverly done and well animated.

  • If they ever decide to expand the HP universe (and hopefully not destroy it like Star Wars), I would be pleased if it looked like this!

  • Awesome! Great polish and animation!

  • Gibbler

    Stodolny is one of the best animators of our time. An extreme pleasure to work with and his work is always an inspiration.

  • B.Bonny



    great gags make for a great short, thanks for the laugh.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    It’s a Harry Potter Blooper Reel! Well done!

    • tonma

      but without that unpleasant feel that many fake animated bloopers have…. this is really fun, the table trick is wonderful.

  • ferp

    Wow that’s some sweet animation!
    It looks like Flash too- it surprises me how hand drawn flash can look sometimes.

    • ferp

      Actually scratch that, he says it was made in ToonBoom. The clean up line reminds me of flash’s brush.

    • Thanks for all the amazing comments. I had a great time making this and am humbled that it ended up on Cartoon Brew. I said all along that my goal was for it to end up here because I check this site out EVERY day at least 3 times to see what new cool stuff they post.

      As the software I used. It was actually animated in Toon Boom Animate. Not Flash. The backgrounds were done in Photoshop.

      Thanks again. And if you haven’t checked out my other work. Please visit

  • Lindsay

    Harry Potter goes Family Guy. Whoopee.

    Awesome animation and character design though. I echo Matte’s sentiments in that I’d love to see something like this in a proverbial animated treatment of HP. :)

  • juan alfonso

    Funny!Now if he can do an updated version of “Bored of the Rings” I would cover him in gallions!(only leprechaun gold I’m afraid-the economy sank Gringotts Bank)

  • tim

    beautifully animated…..nice to see :)….very funny too :)

  • Mapache

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  • FleischerFan


    These are specific parodies of scenes in the Potter films. Without seeing the original scene they would seem a bit pointless.

    Having seen the Potter films, I thought these were hilarious – only wish there were more!

  • Mister Twister


  • tgentry

    This looks amazing and had us in stitches. Note to J.K. Rowling: hire this man to create an animated series set in the HP universe. How amazing would a half hour series that looked like this be?

  • Kyle Maloney

    I thought it was funny even though I’m oblivious to anything Harry Potter. (Ive yet to see a single one of the movies or read any of the books)

  • I too know nothing much about Potter, but all of these gags made sense to me. Great work.

  • But you understand timing and comedy, right? And that “it’s that one scene, but then a bad happens” is technically not even a joke, or remotely commentative, in the same way that anything that happens in a Harry Potter story isn’t technically an event. So you can deduce that (b) it isn’t.

    The animation and production is pretty, but don’t give someone the benefit of the doubt for dedicating their time and skill to making isolated Family Guy gags. That’s just encouraging animation to eat itself.

  • I don’t know much about Harry Potter but I know what I like.

    I like these. Well done. Fine animation, tight timing, blissfully short, and genuinely funny.

  • I just got around to watching this.
    It’s perfect in a SIMON’S CAT kind of way.
    Tidy. Concise. Funny. Well-animated, nicely-designed.
    The hostility expressed above is puzzling.

  • Cath

    haha! also loved the animation of stodoe studios in the beginning.

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    a) Yes, and b) yes. Well done!