<em>Harry Potter and the Office of Unemployment</em> <em>Harry Potter and the Office of Unemployment</em>
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Harry Potter and the Office of Unemployment

I haven’t seen a new piece of animation by stop-motion animator Corky Quackenbush in what seems like forever, so I was pleasantly surprised to run across his latest: Harry Potter and the Office of Unemployment.

I also found this “sex and violence” reel with clips from Quakenbush’s familiar classics along with newer works that I hadn’t seen. Family Guy could stand to take a lesson from Corky about what it means to be edgy and outrageous.

For more about Corky, visit his charmingly outdated website SpaceBassFilms.com.

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  • Ryan

    Ooh, Corky’s back! Didn’t he do the disembodied killer penis in the 2005 Russ Meyer tribute “Pervert!”?

  • Funny stuff!

  • Chris

    Haha, I haven’t watched the movies or read the books, but that was hilarious!

  • His “Ricardo” shorts are amazing!

  • Awesome…love how he was able to bring CGI into his very hands-on oevre. Someone give this man a genius grant. Corky rocks.