<em>Heart</em> by Laurent Clermont <em>Heart</em> by Laurent Clermont

Heart by Laurent Clermont

A sweet little piece from Laurent Clermont

  • Emelie

    so cute!

  • Isaac
  • short and sweet!

    Most searching hearts are myopic
    as this one seems to be.

  • that’s really nice! the video footage and animation blend is so good! thumbs up, keep on the cute!

  • Very nicely done. So short, sweet and to the point. I hate it when short films start with this long-assed pan or intro just to make the film longer. This was the the right length.

  • Love the marriage of 2D and live action. Though, i didn’t feel quite a connection between the heart and the girl.

    Maybe a couple more up close reaction shots?.. Just thinking out loud here.

    Otherwise, yea sweet.