Holiday Greetings from Animators #3 Holiday Greetings from Animators #3

Holiday Greetings from Animators #3

One more Holiday post highlighting our readers across the globe…

First, from Diego Zucchi from Italy’s Alienatio:

Next, from animator Raphael Sousa and director Marcus Vinicius of PlanoZ in Rio de Janeiro

And finally, from Spanish animator Khris Cembe:

  • It’s nice to see all this…
    I’d like to share Xmas card with y’all:
    And Merry Xmas!

  • Hugh More

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    • khris

      No need to disrespect me, if you do not like do not look. I do not think you understand anything and you need to explain it to you all. Many people do not feel that this Christmas is not all happiness, there are also suffering, poverty etc … everyone can express themselves and follow the path you want.