Holiday Greetings from Animators

We are being bombarded with holiday wishes from animators all over the world. We simply can’t post them all, but here’s a sampling of some of our favorites:

First up, from Corrie Francis, an incredible sand animation.

This is the third music video Billy Polard has made using the Nintendo DSi’s Flipnote animation program:

Here’s a holiday story from Richard O’Connor, who runs Ace and Son Moving Picture Co. in New York City:

And finally (for now), from those blokes at Mukpuddy Animation in New Zealand:

  • mick

    Love that Mukpuddy one. Their voices are always bang on… sounded like gerard hoffnung-ish as santy and johnny vegas as the wee lad… some people refuse to enjoy flash animation but for me, those kiwis do it perfectly.

  • Freakish Kid

    We love the Muks!

  • Mukpuddy

    Ha ha thanks guys and thanks for posting our clip Jerry!

  • Tom Eaton

    Really enjoyed the colorful art of “Sympathy for the Fish”!

  • Adam

    Great bit of eye candy here! Mucky Puddle always do a good job, and it looks great too.

    I was doing a bit of present wrapping and had an I made this: