Holiday Greetings from Animators Holiday Greetings from Animators

Holiday Greetings from Animators

We are being bombarded with holiday wishes from animators all over the world. We simply can’t post them all, but here’s a sampling of some of our favorites:

First up, from Corrie Francis, an incredible sand animation.

This is the third music video Billy Polard has made using the Nintendo DSi’s Flipnote animation program:

Here’s a holiday story from Richard O’Connor, who runs Ace and Son Moving Picture Co. in New York City:

And finally (for now), from those blokes at Mukpuddy Animation in New Zealand:

  • Love that Mukpuddy one. Their voices are always bang on… sounded like gerard hoffnung-ish as santy and johnny vegas as the wee lad… some people refuse to enjoy flash animation but for me, those kiwis do it perfectly.

  • We love the Muks!

  • Ha ha thanks guys and thanks for posting our clip Jerry!

  • Really enjoyed the colorful art of “Sympathy for the Fish”!

  • Great bit of eye candy here! Mucky Puddle always do a good job, and it looks great too.

    I was doing a bit of present wrapping and had an I made this: