“Hollow” by Oliver Franklin Anderson

Hollow, by Cal Arts Experimental Animation grad Oliver Franklin Anderson, uses photographs, artwork and live actors to create a haunting mood piece. The film has been accepted as an Official Selection at Slamdance 2012.

  • Jax

    Absurdly long credits in relation to the rest of the film.

  • http://www.sneezemeaway.com Ryan G

    Was that the whole film or a trailer? If it was the whole film, 40% of it was credits…

    I honestly don’t mean to be snarky, I mean it had some great imagery, and a wonderful suspenseful build up, but then it ended so very soon.

  • Kevin

    Reminded me quite a bit of this animated short:

  • Nils G

    Beautiful, hypnotic film about nature – human and other. Great suspense. Nice staging, inventive angles. I wish it was longer but repeated views proved rewarding.