Hot Na’vi Sex – Not Safe For Work Hot Na’vi Sex – Not Safe For Work

Hot Na’vi Sex – Not Safe For Work

This animated viral Avatar spoof by Harry Partridge is XXX-rated – but it’s also very funny (if you’ve seen the film) and I had to share it here.

  • This is 38 times better than the James Cameron film.

    Some weeks back I scribbled up my own version of Navi coitus.

  • james crispy

    not funny.

  • Harry is such a great, funny & talented guy. A little twisted sometimes, but talented nonetheless.

  • That was way messed up! Favorite!

  • Isaac

    Looks like Family Guy and Dreamworks had a baby. So much lower-eyelid-raising.

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet I still had a good laugh. Harry Partridge is gonna be one of those animators that makes millions, I’m betting.

  • squirrel

    In fact, I don’t think you even NEED to see the film in order to laugh at this… despite including one spoiler in passing.

  • Tobias Lind

    still: EPIC!

  • Professor Widebottom

    exuberantly comic but not funny.

  • Hilarious.
    I love it when people get offended on this board.

  • gillaxian

    Haha, hilarious!

    Though, makes one wonder, if this is how they have sex with each other, what is it when they connect to their horses? Technically bestiality??

  • Um….Ok!

  • FP

    Hey! Neytiri sounds like Dr. Girlfriend!

  • Professor Widebottom

    I love it when people on this board assume that if you don’t like something that’s racy it’s because you’re offended.

  • Dock Miles

    “exuberantly comic but not funny.”

    “I love it when people on this board assume that if you don’t like something that’s racy it’s because you’re offended.”

    Well, Prof , if yer gonna get defensive about being misunderstood you might think about posting failed Zen-koan comments that are the equivalent of

    “What is the sound of one lip laughing?”

  • Em

    Gawd, Harry Partridge is the man.

  • crystal

    I don’t find it funny. But I am not offended in the least. I get a lot of laughs from adult jokes and parodies, I just don’t find this particular adult joke/parody funny. To just assume because people don’t find it funny, they must be offended is nonsense. So let’s say you don’t like Dane Cook or Chris Rock or some other comedian funny, is it because you are offended by the things they say?

  • Mike Johnson

    This is the sickest, most vile and contemptible, sexually perverse and all around twisted thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It fills me with revulsion and disgust. I feel as if I need to bleach my eyeballs after watching it. I came thisclose to throwing up in my mouth a little, and cannot imagine ever getting this trashy, detestable piece of animation out of my mind’s eye for the rest of my life.

    This is, of course, why I love it so much…


  • dim

    not offensive, not funny.

  • Gobo

    I love her “second pair of lips used for playing musical instruments”. This needs to be part of Avatar 2. A whole orchestra.

  • I love all the other Harry’s animations, including some really twisted ones like Hal, The Misinterpretive Pornstar or Michael The Terrible Boyfriend, but I don’t really find this one too funny. It has some good moments but the pacing reminds me too much of Family Guy I guess.

  • Why was I thinking of Drawn Together when I saw this?

  • Lindsay

    Several of this guy’s animated works smack way too much of Family Guy type humor – e.g. non-sequitur jokes, pop-culture references, realistic violence depicted as “funny,” women as frequent targets of said humor… even stylistically, with the facial expressions (like the lower eyelids, as Isaac pointed out). This Na’vi piece is “meh” at best in its satire. :-/

  • FP

    Didn’t John K practically invent the “lower eyelid take” on Rennin Stimpy? I never thought of that as specifically a FAMILY GUY thing, although there’s certainly a lot of lower-eyelid action going on with that show.

  • Harry Partridge

    Hey guys, I’m the schmoe that made the short. It’s always fun to come on cartoon brew and read the snobby comments left by people that critique a stupid internet short made by an amateur but I’m inclined to agree with a lot of the comments made. It’s weirdly quite inspiring.

    I haven’t found a style yet – this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    I feel like this short represents the end of an era for me and that it’s time to produce work that is more individual, not to prove others wrong, but to truly satisfy myself. Entertaining others is just a great byproduct. I’m not going to mature any time soon, stupid violence and dick jokes will remain, but I think the visuals and delivery are going to drastically change.

    Stay tuned, and thanks for taking the time to watch my fucking garbage.

  • Isaac

    FP, the lower-eyelid-raising is a side-effect of completely circular eyes. You can see it in The Simpsons and CG films too. Narrowing your eyes is a valid form of expression, but when your characters’ eyes are completely circular, it becomes a catch all for: disgust, aversion, skepticism, analysis, confusion, belittlement, anger, and more. You end up with half of your characters’ acting repertoire consisting of raising their lower eyelids or narrowing their eyes. People don’t really express themselves that way.

  • Hey, Harry, like I said above, I love most of your stuff. I just didn’t find this one especially funny but it has some good ideas there.

    Saturday Mornin’ Watchmen, Hal the misinterpretibe pornstar, Michael the terrible boyfriend, Jimmy Tickles’ Magic Pickles, Chuck’s New Tux and 50 Llamas Day are all very funny cartoons IMO.

    Do you plan to reuse some of those characters? It seems every one just get ONE adventure and it’s over. Well, some of them actually die in their first cartoon…

    Keep on the good work!

  • Harry Partridge

    Hi Roberto, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve considered reusing some of those characters (Hal is property of Playboy though so he’s out of the question) but I want to take things in a different direction and not look back, so they may never be used again.

    I’m working on a web series now which will have reoccurring characters and plots. I hope you like what’s coming up.


  • Matt Sullivan

    Harry, don’t worry about this place. Your short is very funny, and well made for an “amateur”. Keep up the good work. We like you ^-^

  • What I like about this is that they actually take a second to talk about the fact that humans and Navi are different. Something they never did in the entire movie.

  • stikkbomber

    well played. i got a good laugh out of it, thank you.

    Harry Partridge said:
    “I’m not going to mature any time soon, stupid violence and dick jokes will remain, but I think the visuals and delivery are going to drastically change.”

    you’ll make good money (dick jokes and stupid violence tricks won’t ever get old)…people will be entertained…and you’ll be satisfied. the fact that you or anyone else has a better chance than some at achieving that combination in any artistic business is prolly what rubs a non-trivial number of artist types the wrong way…and before anyone chimes in, yes, it’s a business. if you use it to make money and/or get paid or compensated to do it, it’s a business…

  • Wait… people get paid? … to entertain me?

    Oh, god, I feel so dirty now.

  • Well, I LOL’d.

  • Professor Widebottom

    Mr. Partridge, ‘Glad you are reflecting and commenting here. In the broad scheme of things the main thing to just keep working, perfecting, etc., and it doesn’t sound like you need anyone to tell you that.


    I love the timing and expressions in Harry’s stuff. It’s just fun to watch :)

  • Hal

    NICE MONEY SHOT – would Na’vi swallowing lead to hairballs? In fact, how much budget do you need for that animation? I’ll pay. Oh yesssssssssssss. Also could have used more hot tentacle penetration shot action, but hey, whatcha gonna do – when given lemonade don’t ask for strawberry-lemonade.

  • Vickaronomie

    Okay. That was funny. Retarded and funny.

  • aiyana

    LOVED this laughed sooooo hard I cried and I actually love Avatar the film. I’m a gal who actually enjoys this kind of humor (you’d never know looking at me!) It almost killed me shared it with all my friends its making the rounds on our Facebook pages, thanks for making my day!