“Hotcorn!” by Juan Pablo Zaramella “Hotcorn!” by Juan Pablo Zaramella
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“Hotcorn!” by Juan Pablo Zaramella

Another simple and well-executed visual idea by Juan Pablo Zaramella, whose film At the Opera appeared on the Brew last month. Hotcorn! was produced by the Buenos Aires-based studio Can Can Club.

  • Michel Van

    i love this insane funny Video

  • That was really good!

  • Jonathan Hohensee

    People who do pixelization animation have it all figured out, no sketching bullshit drawing after bullshit drawing, no slaving away at the computer all day, no making models.

    Why waste all your money on all that when you can just use your body and afterwards have enough cash to buy some beer? It shouldn’t have to take a McLaren to figure that out.

    • I take offence to that (*Hahaha), being a drawer ;)

      Pixilation is just “one” way to get your idea and emotion across. Juan’s sense of timing and humor is top notch. But if this same idea was done hand-drawn or in 3D, I’m sure it’d be nice too.

      You work with what you’re good at right?

  • Jonathan Hohensee

    Pixilation, that is.

  • minita! that was really great.
    the pixilation or whatever really adds to the sketch, they could have just acted it (or made it with cg anim), but it would not have the same effect Hohensee.

  • I love things like this! Clever and funny little bit of nonsense. :D

  • Felicitaciones Juan! Me encanta tu humor.

    Suerte con todo!

  • paolo

    I met Juan Pablo Zaramella last year in Annecy. At the closing ceremony a short of his was shown, which had been shot in pixilation during the festival. He told me it took him three hours to shoot it and seven hours to edit it.
    He is a wonderful guy and really looks to have fun in his work.
    Muchas gracias y suerte con todo, Juan Pablo!