How We Met How We Met

How We Met

Who needs paper? Your flesh will do just as well…

Apparently this clever little short was commissioned for use as a viral video by Samsung — to promote its new cell phone with video editing capabilities. More info about how it was done is posted here.

  • Shmeckee Noodleman

    It’s like a primitive version of a CalArts film I saw a few years ago that Thor Freduenthal made.

  • Huzzah! You posted it!

  • John A

    Very cute film. Made me smile a lot. Makes me wish I were young and in love again.

  • Zubby

    Cute, it not completely original (but what is?).

    It reminded me a little of artist Zhou Xiaohu’s work

    and even less (but still a litle) of Bernard Faucon’s la fin de l’image series of photos.

  • Gary Pearson

    Is it wrong of me that I wish the story played out more on the female body?

  • I’m going to resist making an immature comment about “animating all over her chest”.