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“Inception” in 60 seconds, with paper cut-outs

Wolfgang Matzl remade Inception with vintage paper cut-outs, shot frame-by-frame on his digital camera, for the Done In 60 Seconds competition (where entrants recreate a movie in no more than a minute). His film was one of the 10 finalists in Berlin, Germany.

  • tgentry

    Hahah, this is either really bad or really good. Or somehow both at the same time. Critical parody? Tribute? At least it’s pretty to look at.

  • Nice work! Very charming.

  • The visuals are stunning, but the audio kills it for me…

    • Funkybat

      I agree that the visuals were very well done, and that the narration felt amateurish. I think at least some kind of soundtrack would have helped, be it parody or tribute, and a vocal delivery more in keeping with the “Victorian” theme would have been a big improvement. Still, as an animation, it was very clever and well-executed.

      • Tom

        Really? I thought the narration was the best part.

  • Boum: Because it doesn’t seem to fit? I found the voice work funny here. Fits the style very well, and seems ironic given the intensity of the Decaprio movie.

  • the obsessive alien

    Nice work.
    And almost as silly as the movie!

  • tonma

    I love this kind of artwork animated

  • So good. Just so, so, so very good.

  • Ivonne Isla Solther

    Haha, Awesome. Love the narrator’s voice.