<em>Insert Coin</eM> by Vurup <em>Insert Coin</eM> by Vurup

Insert Coin by Vurup

Vurup is a team of animation students working together in Buenos Aires, who have created their first short film called Insert Coin. The students, who hail from Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, are Gabriel Fermanelli, Leonardo Campasso, Bruno Olguin, German De Vivero, and Luz Lazzaro. Their short is a good example of how to tell a story in under one minute, and there are creative moments of drawn character animation throughout the piece. Hopefully we’ll see more from them in the future.


  • Isaac

    Cute as hell

  • christy

    great short! is there any blog or info on how they did it/the process etc?

  • Great job!!

  • Connie Pinko

    I love it!

  • Esos son mis pollos !!!

  • Sunday

    Hey, at least I feel I’m worth something now :)

  • LABO


  • Brian

    That was awesome- I loved the reveal at the end, and the videogame bleeps made it even better.

  • uncle wayne

    Wow! Very handsome! And its fluidity sure beats the hell out of anime!

  • Iritscen

    Aww, so short, but funny stuff!

  • John

    But…why is it a vending machine instead of a video game?

  • Vamos carajo! manga de larvas, al fin algo decente… igual traten de no nombrarme. Fermanelli, Olguin, De Vivero… eeh, no, no, no los conozco.
    Heeey you guys! Great people, allways working hard… i´m really proud of you. Fermanelli, Olguin, De Vivero… are names that i will allways remember.

  • doug holverson

    @John: Maybe he was hungry!

  • [Hey everyone…. Thanks a lot for your comments and support , we are really glad that you have enjoyed so much this short film , for the people who want to see the blog with the whole process let me tell you that there is one, but we aren’t publishing it yet as soon as we have something decent to show you we will immediately submit it on our website http://www.vurup.com

    Thank you very much

    hola a todos .. gracias a todos por sus comentarios y buen recibimiento del corto , realmente nos alegra mucho de que lo hallan disfrutado tanto y para la gente que quiera ver un blog con todo el proceso les contamos que todavía no hay algo presentable que mostrar, tan pronto lo tengamos listo subiremos toda la info desde que se empezó el corto y hasta la fecha de finalización a la pagina web de vurup

    GRAcias A TODOS


  • Cool, but why did they use video game sound effects for vending machines? (Or vending machines instead of video game stalls)