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Jam by Mirai Mizue

Mirai Mizue

Another one of my memorable finds at the Anima Mundi festival is Jam by Japanese artist Mirai Mizue. The short, which can be viewed HERE, does an expert job of building up tension through a carefully orchestrated layering of sound and imagery. Although the online screen size is too small, it still communicates the unique artistic achievement of Mizue’s work.

  • I saw one of his films last year at Ottawa! I loved it last year, and I can see that he has already improved greatly. This guy is going places. It’s fact.

  • christy

    yea- i saw that too-and he was a super nice guy!-i told him i liked his film and he gave me a bunch of his dvd’s!!! crazy!! he said he was a school teacher by day and an animator by night- i was like damn-that’s dedication! amazing guy! so psyched about his work and for him!

  • Very, very cool… but I need to see a larger version! Haaaalp!

    Nice soundtrack, too.

  • Steve

    It would be interesting to watch his process – narrated in english of course.

  • i like it!

  • Hey! That´s really great! Saw it at the Anima Mundi opening.
    I also saw you yesterday at your “Papo Animado”. Thank you for that! Come back more times to Brazil!