“Jazzed” by Anton Setola “Jazzed” by Anton Setola

“Jazzed” by Anton Setola

Bold colors and playful visual rhythms merge in Anton Setola‘s Jazzed, a film animated in TVPaint. Finished in 2008, Jazzed had a long festival run and was posted on-line yesterday by the filmmaker.

(Thanks, Justin)

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  • http://gervart.com Gbop

    Bravo (clicks fingers)

  • CC

    *GASP*- I’ve been waiting for this short to come out since OIAF ’08. I’m so happy he has made it available online!
    This really made my day.

  • http://bruandboegie.co.za Mike Scott

    MAN I love this. Thanks for posting. Rad rad rad rad RAD.

  • Phil

    Very cool indeed. Thanks for posting. Beautifully directed. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

  • christy

    that looks great! out of curiosity-are there other ‘tv paint’ users out there? i only know one person who’s used it and her film looks great too…thinking of investing…

    • http://www.enigmation.de slowtiger

      There are quite some – I’m one of them. There’s a forum for TVPaint where you can find us.

    • http://paperless-animation.blogspot.com David Nethery

      Hi, Christy –

      There’s an interview with Anton Setola posted here that you might be interested in:


      (it’s partially in French, but with subtitles).

      As Slowtiger mentions above there are quite a few people using TVP Animation now. You can find the TVP Community Forum here:


    • http://www.electricminstrel.com Brett McCoy

      TVPaint user here also!

  • steppo

    Beautiful! Brought back my love for Jacob Lawrence.


  • http://www.okgrillo.blogspot.com Oscar Grillo

    I loved this film when I saw it for the first time and I still loving it now.