JibJab’s <em>2008 Year in Review</em> JibJab’s <em>2008 Year in Review</em>

JibJab’s 2008 Year in Review

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional year-end report from JibJab:

  • After their first beautifully designed and animated short a few years back Jib Jab kept playing with the look and style of their cartoons. I felt that a few of their cartoons had suffered due to this futzing around. But after seeing this short I think all that exploration paid off. In my opinion they’ve found the perfect compromise between photo collage and hand drawn cartoons.

  • Fantastic! Jib Jab has really stepped it up over the past few years. That looked fantastic for a collage style animation.

  • BaconIsGood4You

    THAT WAS AWESOME! JibJab. Wow, well done sirs, well done.

  • Here’s a well-written if cheaply animated short about our own California meltdown. Good Arnie impression!


  • Julian Carter

    It was great, but seemed too U.S. centred.

  • Alex F.

    Jimmy Durante Babies are always welcome.