Johannes Nyholm and the Viral “Las Palmas” Trailer Johannes Nyholm and the Viral “Las Palmas” Trailer

Johannes Nyholm and the Viral “Las Palmas” Trailer

Here is something that doesn’t happen often: Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm released a trailer earlier this week for his short Las Palmas, and the trailer became a viral hit (1.643 million views as of this writing). This is it:

True, there’s no animation in the clip above, but Nyholm has also made animated shorts. His finest animated piece to date is The Tale of Little Puppetboy, the first part of which is below:

Puppetboy had me rolling on the floor when I first encountered it a few years back at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival–a wonderful festival by the way–and as one of the jury members, I made sure it got an honorary mention. On the surface, Puppetboy appears crude, but the concept and comedic timing are razor-sharp, which I think sheds some light on Nyholm’s unique ability to make even a trailer go viral.

  • 1:04 is just perfect

  • on Las Palmas that is

  • Geez Little Puppet Boy I dig it hardcore, but that character reminds me of a kid from pre-school or something. Yurrr. Las Palmas is hilarious. I like this guy’s sensibilities.

  • jump to :38 seconds, in his stand up special he goes on into more examples about stumbling around…

  • Good to hear you liked Fredrikstad Amid. ;)
    The baby is great! I’ve probably watched it 10 times by now. I remember Richard Williams once during his masterclass mentioned that babies move like drunk people. I guess this clip confirms that. :)

  • Jeffrey Simonetta

    I cannot stop laughing at that drunk baby.

  • When a youtube video goes over a million hits, you can start pulling in some real money from the ads that are attached. He could probably finance a short film with a success like that.

  • I cannot wait to see Las Palmas in its entirety, that little clip is hysterical.

  • Seriously? Ignore the obvious?